“Fuzzy Synapse” is a platform to simplify complex scientific ideas and concepts in fun and easy way with a pinch of humour.

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#Drawyourscience “Papers in pictures”

I have been a neuroscience researcher for more than 11 years; part of my job is to read about recent discoveries in the field.
But as a scientist (and many scientists would, I think, agree!) I tend to read papers relevant only to my field and miss out on exciting topics and discoveries elsewhere. Also, as a society, I feel that discoveries should be communicated to the world in a simpler way so that they understand what we as scientists are doing and finding out.
Hence, I thought as a part of Fuzzy Synapse #Drawyourscience initiative, I will start another series called “Papers in pictures” where the idea would be to explain scientific discoveries published in scientific journals in my own fuzzy style. So, here is the first fuzzy abstract.

Selected Fuzzy illustrations